Welcome to Tattered Passport

Do you think travel is healing?

I do! 

 My husband Kerry died after many years of marriage, and in spite of being surrounded and comforted by the many friends and family who knew how much we loved each other, I came to a point where I knew I needed to step out into the world on my own. 

Many women I have spoken to have had to come to terms with their new life too.  Many dreams have been shattered because of an unexpected death or  divorce and we’re all trying to figure it out.  The healing continues, but we don’t have to heal alone when there are so many other women with the same story.  The biggest regret I hear is that “we didn’t get to travel as we had planned now I’m on my own and I won’t have the chance.”  I think you will as we meet others and find out we have similarities in our lives and that our dreams can still be realized.  Maybe not with our spouse but what about other women who are hurting and grieving and wanting to find some relief from their pain.  I’ve spoken with so many other women who have shared similar stories.  One woman I met in passing told me of her desire to visit Athens, something she only remembered as she reflected on life before husband and family.  Now that she is alone again, she feels free to go, but much like me, she would like the companionship of others in her travels.   I’m now planning a trip to Greece, and hoping this woman will join us.

I had dinner a couple of months ago with another friend going through a lot of challenges , and we happened to start talking about the things that made us most happy.  She mentioned how much she used to love to ride horses, and I remembered my own childhood dreams of living on a ranch and riding horses through cold mountain streams.  So guess what?  We’re going to a Dude Ranch in Montana and you are welcome to join us!  

To be there for other women dealing with life changing experiences out of their control is, I believe, my calling.  This is my way to use an experience I would never have chosen, the loss of my husband, to walk alongside other women as we come to a deeper understanding of our new lives and the power of God’s love. 

I’m ready now.  Will you join me?

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